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About Us

PetRa Engineering Pvt Ltd (PEPL) is a well renowned supplier of Premium Abrasive Grinding wheels to the Steel, Automotive and Bearing Industry in India. As one of the key sources of customized solutions in grinding we represent several leading brands in the Abrasive Industry. Today, we are in a vantage position to supply conventional and CBN wheels for any application as per customer requirement.

Our solutions are sought after several leading Indian companies for grinding and cutting applications. With a team of well experienced Engineers coupled with excellent Technical support from our principals we are available for consultations across India through our Resident Representatives in major cities. Our experience in handling large OEMs and timely proactive planning and delivery helps us in working closely with customers to ensure sufficient stock and on time shipments.

PetRa is also a supplier of Diamond Dressers. These include blade type, single point, multi point and rotary dressers. PetRa Dressers are made in a state of the art production facility in Europe.

PetRa Engineering Pvt Ltd., is the Exclusive Technical and Marketing Agent For